Week 2 Landscapes with a Corpse

In the photos below, I portrayed the idea of an overdose. First, I set up the scene on my girlfriend’s kitchen floor. I began by emptying pill bottles and then I poured a few pills on the floor. I positioned myself to prepare for the photos to be taken while my girlfriend made a paste from mixing baking soda and water. She then applied it around my mouth for a “foaming effect.”  I picked the idea of an overdose because sometimes I feel as though I take on such a big load of work. These photos show that overwhelming yourself with too much of something can make you feel like you’re dying.

This art activity enabled me to use my creative abilities. I find it interesting that I normally do not show creativity, but when assigned a project, my imagination gets the best of me. With the collaboration of others we came up with this specific scenario. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this activity.



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