Week 3 Artist Conversation Ellin Fan

Exhibition Information 

Artist: Ellin Fan

Exhibition: Interactive School of Art

Media: origami, sketching, sticker making

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: http://lbmakersociety.org

Instagram: makersociety

This week was our first week that we met in the School of Art galleries. I walked into every gallery but was most intrigued in the Interactive School of Art, that was being hosted by Artist, Ellin Fan. Ellin is a student at CSULB and she is in her second year just like me. She is in the Animation program at the School of Art in CSULB. She and some other students in the Maker Society recently worked on a project in which they painted on recycling bins to make them art pieces around campus.

This gallery is unlike the other four galleries that we got the pleasure to see on Wednesday’s class meeting. I was most interested in the Interactive School of Art mostly because when I first walked in I saw an origami station and decided to make a penguin. The art that was on the walls was all created by students in the Makers Society of CSULB, but there was a twist because anyone that walked in was allowed to add their own art to these drawings which I thought was really different. At most art galleries you are not allowed to touch the art pieces sometimes not even allowed to take pictures of the art pieces, but at this gallery everyone was able to draw on these art pieces.

This gallery and artist is all about the motto that anyone can be an artist. Ellin Fan was asked by one of my classmates “Which is your favorite piece of art in this gallery,” and she pointed at one of the cartoon looking guys to the left of her and one to the right of her which were a contrast of different types of lines. The feeling when I first walked in was a lot different than when I walked into the other four galleries. Ellin greated me as if I already knew her and I felt comfortable when she helped me make my origami penguin. I like the way that she interacted with my fellow classmates in a friendly matter.

I enjoyed this experience because after walking out of the gallery I felt as if my art was left in a gallery for many people to see. This being the first time coming to the School of Art galleries on campus I realized that there was a place that I can go to during passing periods to see new artists masterpieces. This is my first art class on campus so I am excited to meet a lot more artist and interview them.


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