Week 4 Artist Conversation May Ta

Exhibition Information

Artist: May Ta

Exhibition: Closer

Media: Mixed Media, Acrylic, Painting

Gallery: CSULB SOA, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: maypta


May Ta is in her senior year at California State University Long Beach, about to receive her Bachelors in the School of Art’s Illustration program. She resides in Anaheim, CA but is an international student from Vietnam. Coming from a family of scientists, she decided to purse her degree in Engineering. She felt like an outcast in her classes since she did not share the same passion as her fellow classmates. She decided to change her major to Art, and that changed her life because she enjoyed it so much more. At first her family did not support her decision, but she stuck with it and they grew on it.

The gallery showcased both May Ta and artist Carly Lake, as well as some of their pieces that they worked on together. Her art pieces that she worked on solo mostly consist of ink and acrylic. Some of her pieces include: Estranger, Him snd His, Shadows, The Windows, Room Within, U and The Morning After. A majority of her pieces showcase an open door, a window or a person’s shadow this signifies loneliness. I believe that she used this to show that she felt homesick and did not have to many people to lean on since she is an international student from Vietnam.

Through her art May Ta was showing how at times in her life she felt lonely and isolated. I recall her saying that being alone is not the same as being lonely and isolated. For example when she was an Engineering major she felt isolated because she was the only person in her classes that did not have a real passion for the subject. Although she switched her major to get away from that, she still fells alone at times but she is okay with that because she is happy where she is at right now.

In my life I have experienced times when I felt alone and lonely. Unlike May Ta I struggled with this and did not feel happy with where I was at in my life. May says to be content with life and be content with what you got. She coped with this a lot better than I did, at times I felt depressed and attempted many different things to fill this hole that I had in my life. Choosing Business as my major, I am happy because I am surrounded with classmates that I can relate with. I do not ever plan on changing my major because I do not want to be in a situation like May Ta had to deal with.


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