Week 5 Artist Conversation Jane Weibel

Exhibition Information 

Artist: Jane Weibel

Exhibition: I am a Feminist

Media: Ceramics, Photography, Installation

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: Janeweibel.com

Instagram: janemaragrette


Jane Weibel is in her last semester at California State University Long Beach. She has been working on her BFA in ceramics, which she will be receiving in December. She is from San Diego so that means that CSULB is about 2 1/2 hours away from her hometown. When she first arrived in Long Beach, she did not always want to be an art major. First she was a biology major, then she switched to nutrition, and then again she switched her major to art. She enjoyed her education at CSULB. She found a love for art and finally decided that this was the final time she would switch her major. She has learned a lot of things in her ceramics classes. In her opinion ceramics is the best art program to be in at Long Beach.

Jane used ceramics, photography, and installation in her gallery this week. She used ceramics to make the rocks that she showcased, this was the first thing that she finished in the art gallery because it was the most time consuming. She used photography to take pictures of women, to show how they are portrayed. She used installation when she made her cage and her piece that shows the women with the fire beneath her and the rock on one of the ends. She also used shredding in one of her pieces, it was a bunch of shredded up pieces of papers in different colors piled up.She used so many different types of what looked like stencils and different types plastic pieces to create her cage, which I would approximate to be 10 feet by 10 feet. It took her about 3 to 4 months working on this whole installation. She chose these pieces to showcase in her gallery because she wanted things to flow and be cohesive.

Jane’s meaning behind her art pieces that she showcased in her gallery this week all signify how women are portrayed in life. Her pile of shredded paper signify being erased and being looked over. The gesture of actually shredding the paper is an act of erasing and forgetting about the past because to her women do not matter. In her piece with all of the women carrying a boulder the meaning behind it is to be anonymous so that it does not become about one certain person. All of the people in the pictures are women and none of their faces are visible in the pictures. The cage that she constructed is used to show how women are imprisoned. Women are boxed in because of how they are stereotyped and it is hard for them to break free from that. The rocks signify that women are either trapped beneath a rock or have to carry a large load on their shoulders. There is no positive effects of her art, it is a ll showing the negative stereotypes that women are portrayed by.

I personally really enjoyed every piece in hat she showcased this week in the gallery. I like the way that she used art to show how women are portrayed and stereotyped. My favorite art piece of hers was the cage. It amazes me how may different materials she used to construct this cage. Being a male, I do agree with her in that women are stereotyped more than men are. Women have it a lot harder (that’s what my girlfriend tells me everyday). After listening to her speak, I agree with her views and opinions. I look forward to following her and seeing what she creates in the future.


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