Week 5 Art Experience Graffiti Writing

Over the weekend, I decided to make a trip to Venice Beach with my girlfriend, to complete my graffiti writing and also because of many other extra credit opportunities. This was my first time visiting Venice Beach, so I was unaware of what was coming my way. Also, I never heard of the Venice Art Walls. I love the fact that any artist can go down to the beach to express what they love without being chased by the police. When looking for a spot to write my name on the walls, I was a little nervous because I had never experienced using spray cans and I did not want to cover/ruin any of the beautiful art that was already on the walls. I finally found a spot on the cone that I would hardly cover up someone else’s art. As you can see in the above pictures, I did not write out my full name, Nathan, because I was having trouble writing my “H” in bubble letters. After finishing my name, I felt more comfortable and wanted to do more than just my name. I found some other spots on the walls where I could do more graffiti writing. After that, my girlfriend wanted to give it a shot. She painted some flowers that came out beautiful.


After the both of us used up most of the paint in our cans, we decided to go watch some of the skateboarding that was going on in the skate park. We were mostly focusing in on Isaiah, one of the best skaters at the park. Everyone in Venice is so passionate about what they do. We then headed to Small World Books to check out all the awesome zines.


When we finished looking at the zines, we walked down the strip and we spotted a big crowd surrounding a huge group of guys that were dancing. It was there where we realized that the skateboarder, Isaiah, was also one of the dancers in the performance. The street performers put on a great show. When that was over, we walked over to the LA Louvre Gallery for a little bit. After hours of being out in the sun, we began to feel tired and worn out, so we decided to call it a day and returned home.  My first trip to Venice Beach was so enjoyable and entertaining. I really like the vibe in Venice because it is just so lively and everyone is so full of energy. I will definitely make a trip back soon!


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