Week 5 LA Louvre gallery

I was not only given the opportunity to earn some extra credit points by visiting Venice Beach to do  graffiti on the Venice Art Walls. I was also able to receive even more points by visiting the LA Louvre gallery. When I approached the big doors with my girlfriend, the gallery looked to be closed because there was nobody around. However, the doors were unlocked. As soon as we opened the door and entered into the gallery, we were greeted by a nice lady behind the counter. We first went into The Yosemite Suite to look at the artwork of David Hockney. After doing a quick google search on him, I found out that he has many exhibitions that have been selected to be in the LA Louvre gallery. His current exhibition (The Yosemite Suite) was first showcased on July 13th and will be replaced by another exhibition on October 1st. The second exhibition that we went to observe was Heather Gwen Martin’s exhibition which was upstairs on the second floor. Her art consists of oil on linen. She has to be extremely precise with her lines to make them naturally flow. The both of us stepped outside into a little room with no ceiling. In the room, there was a very interesting sculpture that you can see in the picture above. I am not sure what the artist’s name was, but I admire their work. I enjoyed my time at the gallery and of course my whole entire trip to Venice Beach.


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