Week 6 Artist Conversation Blaine Praw

Exhibition Information

Artist: Bline Scot Praw

Exhibition: Extrusions

Media: Construction

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: in progress

Instagram: tiffuts

Blaine Scot Praw is an undergraduate at California State Long Beach. He is currently in his 10th year at the university due to being very undecided on his choice of degree. His major is in studio art with an emphasize on studio design. His first major when he arrived at Long Beach was mechanical engineering. He is originally from Orange County, CA. He moved around quite a bit going from Mission Viejo to San Juan Capistrano and then arriving in Newport Beach where he attended Corona Del Mar High School. He left school for a couple of years to join a band but he realized that it was not what he expected it to be.

In the gallery that Blaine presented this week he showcased his love for geometry. He stated at the beginning of the interview that this is more of a side project that he wanted to showcase so that he can boost his resume. He uses bristol paper and charcoal paper because they are thicker than normal printer paper  so that his pieces keep their form. He also uses a foam core as a thickness so that he can hang up his art. It takes him anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to complete one piece. When preparing to begin his cutting and folding, he must use some basic geometry to measure out where he will cut and fold. He has to be very precise and sharp in his folds and cuts or the shapes will not look right.

The artist created these pieces in his gallery this week simply for his love for geometry and shapes. He has always enjoyed constructing things going back to his childhood days when he use to play with blocks. Projecting three dimensional shapes from two dimensional shapes is what makes his art different from what I have seen this semester in the galleries at CSULB. He calls his art pieces “mad science.” His art is different from just constructing a cube out of paper because he uses his math skills to still keep the form of the paper in which he cut out of.

I personally also have a love for geometry and math. When first walking into the gallery I did not really understand the meaning or how he created these shapes out of paper. After conversing with the artist for a couple of minutes I began to really appreciate his pieces because not too many artists incorporate math into their artwork. My favorite piece of his was the one with all of the cubes. Each cut and fold is so perfect and synchronous to all the other cubes. I cannot wait for him to complete his website so that I can see his other art pieces and possibly visit another gallery that he is showcased in.


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