Week 6 Art Experience(s) Flip book / Zine

Flip book: When assigned this weeks art experience, I quickly chose to make a flip book over creating a zine. This week I waited until the last day to complete my assignments. I was a bit overwhelmed when it was time to do my flip book. I was having a hard time figuring out what I could draw and how I was going to draw it. After about an hour of being indecisive, I came up with the idea of drawing a car being driven off a cliff. After finishing my 10 drawings, I decided to add in a sunrise to fill in some of the empty space. The whole process of creating my flip book was actually a lot easier than I had expected it to be and I overwhelmed myself for no reason.

Zine: I also decided to create a zine of my very own. The idea of “hAngry” came to mind because I was getting frustrated when my girlfriend and I could not pick somewhere where to eat. All the foods that I illustrated in my zine were foods that we discussed when trying to make a choice. We ended up going to El Pollo Loco (so I guess you can say that we settled with tacos.) My favorite part of the whole process was drawing all the foods and adding angry faces. I have always enjoyed drawing and especially drawing cartoons. Overall, I had fun making my zine, however, it was time consuming.


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