Week 7 Artist Conversation Nathaniel Paderanga

Exhibition Information

Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga

Exhibition: Social

Media: Drawing and Painting

Gallery: Dr. Masine Merlino Gallery

Website: in progress

Instagram: theartofnate_

Nathaniel is an undergraduate, currently in his last semester at CSULB. He is on his way to receive his BFA in Drawing and Painting. He transferred to CSULB 3 years ago from a community college in San Diego. While attending community college he was planning and working on becoming a chemistry major but as time went on he decided that chemistry was not that interesting to him, so he made a big decision in changing to become an art major. This gallery is specially dedicated to the life of Karen S. Paderanga.

In Nathaniel’s gallery this week he showcased his Social exhibition which includes seven paintings including both portraits and landscapes. He uses shapes, color, form and balance, with an oil paint medium, to create a composition. His art is heavily influenced by  old masters and contemporary artists who specialize in the importance of light and shadows. Caravaggio is an old master who he is influenced by and Kim Cogan is a contemporary artist that influences him. He begins his painting with an underdrawing of the composition using charcoal on the surface. He then studies the value in order to bring out the darks and lights that go over the the compositional drawing. Finally he continuously redefines areas with paint until it fulfills his needs.

Through his paintings he is trying to bring forward the social issues and highlight the underlying conflicts in situations that are deemed ordinary. It takes him approximately two months to complete each painting and it took him about two years to get this exhibition ready. The message of his painting “Get Together” is that technology takes over our lives, and a get together with friends or family turns into being on phones and watching tv the whole time. In this painting you can also see the dog just laying on the Clippers rug, he is bored because the two boys are on their phones paying no attention to him/her.

I agree with the social issues and the underlying conflicts in situations that the artist is portraying through his art. I admire his art and believe that his art could one day be seen in a famous gallery. I have experienced going to a family gathering or going to a friend’s house to hangout and then all the fun is taken away when everyone decides to reach into their pockets/purses to get their phones. It’s not only when everyone is on their phones, if even one person decides to take their phone out during a conversation it tends to kill the whole mood. Our lives are being taken over by technology and we are relying on it so much that our social lives are all going downhill.


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