Week 8 Art Experience Sketching in the Garden


This was actually my first time visiting the Japanese Garden on campus. I was amazed with how big it was and that we have a place that is so peaceful and beautiful that students can come to on their free time. I decided to sketch the same thing for my first 10 30-second sketches, I did this so that I could see the progress that I was making with each sketch. There are not too many changes from sketch to sketch but there are major changes from my first 30-second sketch and my last 30-second sketch. There was a lot more detail and I added a couple more features to my sketches. For my 5-minute sketch I decided to sketch one of the platforms that is near the entrance of the garden. I was kind of rushed when doing this so I actually finished with two minutes remaining, I decided to add more details in the platform and in the bushes. Surprisingly my sketch of my hand did nit come out too bad, however I did have to look down because I picked up my pencil for some reason. At the end of my 5 minutes I added some details to my hand to make it look more realistic. My favorite part of the Japanese Garden was the zen garden. I had never seen one before and I was in such a peaceful state when admiring it. I will definitely be back one day when I have an hour to waste. It is definitely worth the long walk from Upper Campus (where most of my classes are located).


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