Brewery Art Walk

After visiting the Art Walk of Downtown Santa Ana earlier this month I decided to also be in attendance at the Brewery Art Walk in Los Angeles. I made the 40 minute drive from Orange County to Los Angeles with my girlfriend. I was very excited to see all of the art, and I got even more excited when I did not have to pay for parking or have to pay for an entry fee. It was a very fun experience and I am planning to return in the Spring for the next Art Walk.

I first spoke with James R. Eads. His focus in art with based off of printmaking, illustrations, and painting. When looking at his paintings I realized that there was a pattern of moons and a sense of affection between a man and women. James not only paints on a flat surface, he also expresses his artwork on objects such as chairs and guitars. He also sent about 15 of his paintings to an animator who electronically transfers the art into gifs.

After walking around for a bit I came across another exhibit that I was highly intrigued in. This exhibit was strictly only photography. The black and white landscape photos were taken by Jisel, the female seen below in the boots and the colored pictures were taken by Jim, the guy with the bud light in his hand. Most of the landscape photos were taken in Los Angeles, however the other photos were taken in places all around the United States. These two were a bit buzzed after drinking a couple of alcoholic beverages so my girlfriend and I had a  pretty funny conversation with the two of them.

Lastly, I spoke with Victoria Sebanz who focuses on poetry, photography, and mixed media.  She is a women of many talents. She has been an artist, dancer, educator, and a poet all of her life. She portrays feminism through her poetry and her art work. As you can see the majority of her artwork includes the female body and how beautiful it is inside and out. All of her work incorporates a Native American feel.


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