Week 10 Art Experience Social Network

  1. I believe that the term “Social Network” allies to both real life friends and friends in cyberspace. People that are included in your social network are those that you communicate with on a regular basis. Although I do believe that there is a stronger connection between real life friends and friends that are only your friends online.

  2. Dunbar’s Number makes perfect sense to me, I couldn’t disagree with him in anyway. Personally I keep my circle small so I don’t even have over 150 contacts on my phone (I don’t have any sort of social media besides Snapchat, which is why I used the amount of contacts I have in my phone as an example). Having a smaller circle allows for stronger relationships in my opinion, because then you do not have to have as many friends and have to set time aside for each of them.
  3. I do not have a Facebook so I do not understand how somebody could have over 1000 friends. But those who do have over 1000 friends probably do not talk to each one of those friends, they do it more as a way to boast how many friends and followers they have. Although I do believe that have a lot of followers is a good thing because many people will view your posts and your ideas can be spread out more widely.
  4. When visualizing our Art110 Social Network I noticed that there were not that many black strings which signify relationships that we had before enrolling into Art110. I also noticed that people have a lot more friends or have more connections than I do. This is because I am reserved and keep to myself. I really only have my 3 friends in Art and I am okay with that. I will make more connections once we do more Classmate Conversations. Having a small circle has never been an issue for me, so I am not stressing out about not having many friends.
  5. I would like to have less than 100 connections in my life. I believe that so far I am below 100. I do have a big family on my dads side so that take up about 40 people and another 20 or so on my mothers side. After that I have my girlfriend, Hannah, like 10 close friends who I see a couple times a week and then maybe 20 or so friends that I rarely see but still consider to be friends.
  6. Since the only social media app that I have is Snapchat, Ill have to use how many views I get on my story as an example. I average anywhere from 65-80 views on my story, which include all of my close friends, about 20 family members and the rest are past friends and people that asked for my Snapchat rather than ask for my phone number. Those “randoms” I have either never spoken to on Snapchat and only when we see each other out on the streets or I have received a response to something that I posted onto my story. I have never had any new opportunities that were brought to me by these random people that see my Snapchat stories daily.

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