Week 11 Classmate Conversation Alfredo Gonzalez

This week I got the chance to speak with Alfredo for a little bit. We ran into each other in the middle of the art galleries while I was talking with Gabriel Gonzalez. Alfredo is taking this class in order to fulfill his last GE requirement. He has really grown to love art more and more as the semester has gone on. His favorite part of the class is doing art projects and meeting new people. He is a really easy going person that has a lot of interesting things to talk about. Alfredo does not have a positive or negative view on fan art, he believes there are some pros and cons to it. He thinks that famous people should appreciate that people take time out of their days to draw/paint them. Sometimes artist make art to humiliate famous people but with being famous comes hate. I agree with Alfredo’s views on fan art.



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