Week 14 Art Experience Instagram

First of all, I want to start off by stating that I am new to Instagram, I am not a fan of using social media because I believe that it ruins relationships and can cause a lot of unwanted drama. After creating an Instagram, I posted my four pictures on Instagram Day (11/30/16). A couple of days later I opened up the app once again and searched our hashtag (#art110f16), I was not surprised of what I saw my fellow students posting. The majority of the pictures posted were selfies, food, pictures from in class, pets, and a mixture of art assignments we have had this semester. I had never looked at other student’s websites so I was interested in seeing some of my classmate’s projects on Instagram. However, I was interested to see how many students in class created a new Instagram because they did not want to post on their personal Instagram or they did not want to make their accounts public for the whole world to see. I feel like all of us college students are connected in a way, seeing the meals that some of my fellow students are eating and the some of the extra curricular activities they are doing are similar to things that I would eat and things that I would do on any ordinary day. I really liked this assignment because it helped me realize how we are all connected somehow and that we all live a similar lifestyle.


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