Week 14 Classmate Conversation Raul Silva

This week I got the pleasure to meet a new classmate, Raul. He has a lot of interesting views on his outlook on life. Raul is currently in his second year at CSULB, and is working on hard on accomplishing his goal of receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He chose to be a Mechanical Engineer major because he enjoys inventing things and designing them. Although he is a Mechanical Engineer major he chose to take this art class because it was out of his comfort zone and it is very abstract learning. It is also a GE requirement. For this weeks Question of the Week, we had to discuss what differences and changes we think will be made in the school system 20 years from now. We both agreed that going to college will not be as praised as it is right now, so many people are receiving their Bachelors and job applications are all starting to look the same. He also believes that student’ time is currently being wasted by going to long lecture classes, he believes that more interaction with students and teaching them how they want to be taught will greatly help the student learn what they want to learn. GE classes that will not benefit the students of the future should not be required. Students should be taught how they want and learn what they want, they should not be forced to have to learn something they do not care for.



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