Week 15 Art Experience Finger Painting

I really enjoyed this art experience, I recall doing some finger paintings in my younger days when I was in elementary school. I never thought that I would do something like this ever again but here I am in my second year at CSULB painting with my fingers. This was fun because all of the art that I have done during middle school, high school, and now in college has always required a certain something to create art. This week that certain something that we had to use to create art was our own fingers. This was definitely different but I liked the way that my fingers flowed on the paper to create my paining. I started out with my red paint and made a squiggly spiral. I then continued on with my green paint and made figure 8’s. I finally finished off with a white paint and smeared it all around to make my red and green lines appear less structured. At first I did not know what I was going to do with my white paint but I like how I finished it off and am proud of my outcome. It was a lot easier than I expected it to be, as the paint flowed off my fingers I found myself out of paint within minutes. I like abstract art and how you do not really have to create something to call it art. My painting is literally a bunch of lines and swirls but I consider it art. This is different than our other paintings that we have done this semester, with our other paintings we had to create something but with this painting there was nothing that we had to create.


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