Week 15 Art Experience Finger Painting

I really enjoyed this art experience, I recall doing some finger paintings in my younger days when I was in elementary school. I never thought that I would do something like this ever again but here I am in my second year at CSULB painting with my fingers. This was fun because all of the art that I have done during middle school, high school, and now in college has always required a certain something to create art. This week that certain something that we had to use to create art was our own fingers. This was definitely different but I liked the way that my fingers flowed on the paper to create my paining. I started out with my red paint and made a squiggly spiral. I then continued on with my green paint and made figure 8’s. I finally finished off with a white paint and smeared it all around to make my red and green lines appear less structured. At first I did not know what I was going to do with my white paint but I like how I finished it off and am proud of my outcome. It was a lot easier than I expected it to be, as the paint flowed off my fingers I found myself out of paint within minutes. I like abstract art and how you do not really have to create something to call it art. My painting is literally a bunch of lines and swirls but I consider it art. This is different than our other paintings that we have done this semester, with our other paintings we had to create something but with this painting there was nothing that we had to create.


Fun Weekend in San Diego

Decided to make a trip down to San Diego for the weekend. My girlfriend and I arrived in San Diego, more specifically La Jolla, around 8:30pm on Friday. We spent the rest of our night hanging out with her sister for a couple of hours and then calling it an early night to start our Saturday off early. We went out to breakfast the next morning with her sister and her boyfriend, Breakfast Republic, which I highly recommend. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and then as the evening rolled along we went back to hang out with her sister. We did not not do too much the rest of the night, just took it easy. Sunday morning we went out to get some pastries and headed to Downtown La Jolla for The Christmas Parade. As we waited for the parade to reach us (we sat near the end of the parade) I spotted an Art Museum. My girlfriend and I went in and were pleased to find out that it was free admission to people under the age of 25. After that we sat down and enjoyed the parade. Then we went out to dinner, just the two of us, and finally began our journey back up to Orange County. Below are some of the pictures I took. Enjoy!!!

Week 14 Art Experience Instagram

First of all, I want to start off by stating that I am new to Instagram, I am not a fan of using social media because I believe that it ruins relationships and can cause a lot of unwanted drama. After creating an Instagram, I posted my four pictures on Instagram Day (11/30/16). A couple of days later I opened up the app once again and searched our hashtag (#art110f16), I was not surprised of what I saw my fellow students posting. The majority of the pictures posted were selfies, food, pictures from in class, pets, and a mixture of art assignments we have had this semester. I had never looked at other student’s websites so I was interested in seeing some of my classmate’s projects on Instagram. However, I was interested to see how many students in class created a new Instagram because they did not want to post on their personal Instagram or they did not want to make their accounts public for the whole world to see. I feel like all of us college students are connected in a way, seeing the meals that some of my fellow students are eating and the some of the extra curricular activities they are doing are similar to things that I would eat and things that I would do on any ordinary day. I really liked this assignment because it helped me realize how we are all connected somehow and that we all live a similar lifestyle.

Week 14 Classmate Conversation Raul Silva

This week I got the pleasure to meet a new classmate, Raul. He has a lot of interesting views on his outlook on life. Raul is currently in his second year at CSULB, and is working on hard on accomplishing his goal of receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He chose to be a Mechanical Engineer major because he enjoys inventing things and designing them. Although he is a Mechanical Engineer major he chose to take this art class because it was out of his comfort zone and it is very abstract learning. It is also a GE requirement. For this weeks Question of the Week, we had to discuss what differences and changes we think will be made in the school system 20 years from now. We both agreed that going to college will not be as praised as it is right now, so many people are receiving their Bachelors and job applications are all starting to look the same. He also believes that student’ time is currently being wasted by going to long lecture classes, he believes that more interaction with students and teaching them how they want to be taught will greatly help the student learn what they want to learn. GE classes that will not benefit the students of the future should not be required. Students should be taught how they want and learn what they want, they should not be forced to have to learn something they do not care for.


Week 11 Classmate Conversation Alfredo Gonzalez

This week I got the chance to speak with Alfredo for a little bit. We ran into each other in the middle of the art galleries while I was talking with Gabriel Gonzalez. Alfredo is taking this class in order to fulfill his last GE requirement. He has really grown to love art more and more as the semester has gone on. His favorite part of the class is doing art projects and meeting new people. He is a really easy going person that has a lot of interesting things to talk about. Alfredo does not have a positive or negative view on fan art, he believes there are some pros and cons to it. He thinks that famous people should appreciate that people take time out of their days to draw/paint them. Sometimes artist make art to humiliate famous people but with being famous comes hate. I agree with Alfredo’s views on fan art.


Week 10 Art Experience Social Network

  1. I believe that the term “Social Network” allies to both real life friends and friends in cyberspace. People that are included in your social network are those that you communicate with on a regular basis. Although I do believe that there is a stronger connection between real life friends and friends that are only your friends online.

  2. Dunbar’s Number makes perfect sense to me, I couldn’t disagree with him in anyway. Personally I keep my circle small so I don’t even have over 150 contacts on my phone (I don’t have any sort of social media besides Snapchat, which is why I used the amount of contacts I have in my phone as an example). Having a smaller circle allows for stronger relationships in my opinion, because then you do not have to have as many friends and have to set time aside for each of them.
  3. I do not have a Facebook so I do not understand how somebody could have over 1000 friends. But those who do have over 1000 friends probably do not talk to each one of those friends, they do it more as a way to boast how many friends and followers they have. Although I do believe that have a lot of followers is a good thing because many people will view your posts and your ideas can be spread out more widely.
  4. When visualizing our Art110 Social Network I noticed that there were not that many black strings which signify relationships that we had before enrolling into Art110. I also noticed that people have a lot more friends or have more connections than I do. This is because I am reserved and keep to myself. I really only have my 3 friends in Art and I am okay with that. I will make more connections once we do more Classmate Conversations. Having a small circle has never been an issue for me, so I am not stressing out about not having many friends.
  5. I would like to have less than 100 connections in my life. I believe that so far I am below 100. I do have a big family on my dads side so that take up about 40 people and another 20 or so on my mothers side. After that I have my girlfriend, Hannah, like 10 close friends who I see a couple times a week and then maybe 20 or so friends that I rarely see but still consider to be friends.
  6. Since the only social media app that I have is Snapchat, Ill have to use how many views I get on my story as an example. I average anywhere from 65-80 views on my story, which include all of my close friends, about 20 family members and the rest are past friends and people that asked for my Snapchat rather than ask for my phone number. Those “randoms” I have either never spoken to on Snapchat and only when we see each other out on the streets or I have received a response to something that I posted onto my story. I have never had any new opportunities that were brought to me by these random people that see my Snapchat stories daily.

Week 9 Art Experience Care Package

I decided to make an Art Care Package for my grandmother. She lives in Garden Grove and I thought that she would appreciate me sending her some art. I started off by creating three pieces of origami. I made a dog, a rocket and a hat. I drew eyes, a tongue and a nose on the dog because with the facial features it would be hard to make out what it was. I also added some designs to the hat so that it was not so boring. After going to the Brewery Art Walk over the weekend I came out with some stickers, handouts and a map which I included in the care package. I am sure that my grandmother will appreciate me sending her something in the mail since this is the first time that I have done so. I look forward to getting a call from her soon.